COVID-19 Webinar – Interrupting Transmission; Drugs, HIV and COVID-19

As part of its response to the current COVID-19 pandemic, Scottish Drugs Forum is hosting a series of free webinars.

The SDF webinars will address crucial aspects of the support of people with drug problems and the delivery of effective services that provide treatment and support, reduce harm and protect people from COVID-19.

The fifth SDF COVID-19 webinar will be held on Friday 15th of May at 13.00 – 14.00.

The focus of the webinar will be on the ongoing HIV outbreak among people who use drugs.

The current COVID-19 situation presents unique challenges for maintaining access to testing and treatment for people who have or may be at risk of acquiring HIV. This webinar will bring a national perspective through highlighting local responses to overcoming service restrictions and the development of creative solutions that can benefit service users health needs.

This national perspective will include three presentations from key NHS staff across Scotland.


  • Andrew McAuley: Co-chair, National SHBBV Prevention Leads, Principal Healthcare Scientist, SHBBV, Health Protection Scotland
  • Rebecca Metcalfe: Consultant in Sexual Health & HIV, NHS GGC
  • Con Lafferty: BBV Prevention Nurse, Inclusion Outreach, Harm Reduction Team, Lothian

Chaired by Leon Wylie (Hepatitis Scotland) and Lesley Bon (Scottish Drugs Forum)

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