New SDF Training brochure – 40 courses to develop staff

Training Brochure banner

Scottish Drugs Forum (SDF) is delighted to announce the publication of our training brochure for 2016/17.

SDF is Scotland’s national resource of expertise on drugs and we deliver a wide range of support, mainly to the drug, alcohol and care sector, one aspect of this being high-quality training.

Our skilled, experienced and enthusiastic training team provide a range of training programmes designed to enhance both individual and team skills and knowledge. We also aim to foster, where appropriate, improved joint and partnership working.

SDF’s training is supported by acclaimed national projects which can provide additional support in integrating new skills and knowledge into services and developing joint and partnership working in the development of improved services:

– The National Quality Development Programme
– Workforce Development Programme
– User Involvement and Peer Research Projects
– Harm Reduction and Emergency Response
– The Scottish National Naloxone Programme
– Sexual and Reproductive Health
– Hepatitis Scotland.

The arrival of several of the Scottish Training on Drugs and Alcohol (STRADA) workforce development team into SDF in July 2015 heralded a significant expansion in SDF’s capacity to deliver learning and development events across Scotland. The knowledge, skills, experience and infrastructure they brought with them complement and consolidate SDF’s capacity to deliver training and workforce development.

SDF’s Workforce Development Programme Manager, George Burton, said:

“The delivery of high quality services requires a high quality workforce. SDF believes that a valued, motivated, skilled and knowledgeable workforce is fundamental to achieving successful outcomes with people.

“Training, along with other forms of learning, is an important part of ensuring that the workforce charged with supporting some of the most vulnerable people in Scotland, is sufficiently equipped to deliver on its vital responsibilities.

“This brochure has been designed to help commissioners, service providers and individual workers understand what SDF can do to support the workforce in a clear and coherent manner.”

The training brochure is for those who wish to enhance the knowledge, skills and development of staff or members of their organisation, therefore the majority of courses shown are available to book for eight or more people.

If you are an individual or have a smaller number of potential participants who wish to attend a course, there are a limited number of courses available to book online via the SDF Workforce Development website:

Click here to view the training brochure online via flip book format.

Click here to download a PDF version of the SDF Training Brochure