Other Current Activity

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On-Going Projects

Scottish Drugs Forum’s work includes the management of relatively short-term projects, such as commissioned research and activity with external organisations. A number of our on-going work strands are highlighted below.


Older Drug Users

SDF have carried out pioneering research on older drug users in Scotland, looking at the specific difficulties that are particularly faced by this population.

Current work includes a review and expansion of the initial study carried out by SDF, which has been commissioned by the Scottish Government.


New Psychoactive Substances

With the ever increasing numbers of New Psychoactive Substances (NPS) available globally, SDF and Glasgow University were commissioned by the Scottish Government to analyse the prevalence and effects of the current NPS available on the open market in Scotland.

The findings were published in the report Understanding the Patterns of Use, Motives and Harms of New Psychoactive Substances in Scotland’ in November 2016.


Drink Wise, Age Well

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Scottish Drugs Forum supports Addaction, in a training capacity, with the UK-wide based Drink Wise, Age Well project.

Drink Wise Age Well provides information on alcohol and getting older to allow people over the age of 50 to make informed choices about their alcohol use. They provide information on alcohol unit guidelines, tips for cutting down and where and how to get help if needed.

Drink Wise Age Well also supports health and social care providers and community organisations to recognise and respond to risky drinking in people aged over 50.

More information can be found on the Drink Wise, Age Well website www.drinkwiseagewell.org.uk