Childhood trauma survivors get specialist addictions support in South Lanakshire

Addaction Scotland’s South Lanarkshire service has begun providing  a tailored form of addiction support for people with a history of childhood trauma.

The new team at the Hamilton-based service has a very specific skill set, as co-ordinator Susan Bonner explained: “Our small team is called the South Lanarkshire Survivor Counselling Service. We’re taking referrals from people (aged 16-plus) who have experienced traumatic childhood events.

“Put simply, the links between trauma and addiction are very strong. That’s why we’re doing this. Exposure to trauma and adverse childhood experiences leave  people seven times more likely to have issues with alcohol misuse, five times more likely to take drugs and 12 times more at risk of suicide.

“Our specialist therapists are trained to use a person-centred approach in counselling with individuals who come to us. We also involve other relevant parties where necessary, so that we can be a seamless one-stop shop. This means there’s no revolving door and no repeating of personal stories; just recovery.”

Susan added: “By expanding Addaction South Lanarkshire’s service into this field, we hope that more people get the tailored support they need to deal with substance misuse and the reasons behind it.

“Having a single service that takes a holistic approach like this is so valuable. We are confident it will empower people in South Lanarkshire to rebuild the lives they deserve and to move forward.”

The service is funded and supported by Survivor Scotland. All referrals are treated in confidence. Individuals must live in South Lanarkshire and be aged 16 or over. An initial assessment is carried out to determine suitability. (If it’s not the right route, other avenues will be explored.)

Call the service on 01698 533843 or (freephone) 0800 599 9774 to find out more.