Opportunity for people with a history of drug or alcohol problems to start career helping others in Highlands and Islands

Scottish Drugs Forum are looking for people who have a history of drug or alcohol problems to take part in a training and employment project in the Highlands and Islands!

The Recovery Worker Training Project (RWTP), run by Scottish Drugs Forum in partnership with Highlands and Islands Alcohol and Drug Partnership (ADP), is a pilot project modelled on the award-winning Addiction Worker Training Project (AWTP) that supports, trains and prepares people with a history of drug or alcohol problems to work in the social care field.

Applications are now open and if successful, applicants will be supported over nine months to achieve a recognised qualification in Health and Social Care, whilst gaining work experience through participating in placements in local services.

As well as developing skills and confidence, the trainees also receive an intensive package of personalised support and a weekly wage.

Sharon Holloway, Development Manager, Highland Alcohol and Drugs Partnership said,

“The Highland Alcohol and Drugs Partnership recognises the challenges faced by individuals who have had experience of drugs and alcohol to access opportunities for employment or further education. Stigma remains a significant barrier for many and we are committed to tackling the broader inequalities including improving access to housing and employment.

“Working in partnership with SDF, local services and partners, we believe the Recovery Worker Training Project can provide people with lived experience the chance to build confidence and be an integral part of services who deliver recovery orientated care. As part of the National Rights, Respect and Recovery Strategy – this initiative will support individuals in their recovery journey”.

The AWTP model has been running in areas in the East and West of Scotland over the last 15 years, and recently expanded into Dumfries and Galloway. The launch of the RWTP model, funded by Highlands and Islands ADP, will increase the employment opportunities for people in recovery in the area; valuing their lived experience.

David Liddell, SDF’s Chief Executive Officer, said

“Over the years, our experience elsewhere in Scotland has been that above 80% of those graduating from the paid employment programme go on to work in either addiction services or the wider social care services. The programme therefore not only benefits individuals, but also local services seeking to recruit motivated and skilled workers.”

Colin Pomeroy, Senior Development Officer AWTP and RWTP, Scottish Drugs Forum said,

“We are delighted that the Highlands and Islands ADP have funded an expansion of the AWTP model – the Recovery Worker Training Project in the Highlands and Islands. This has been a project that has been in development for some time, which realises our aspirations to expand the opportunities that the AWTP model provides to other parts of Scotland.

“This is a new pilot project using a remote model of working, which will utilise various digital platforms to deliver training, support, a qualification and, ultimately, prepare the individuals to work within the social care field.”

Applications for RWTP in the Highlands and Islands are now open and are are currently being taken until 12pm on Tuesday the 21st of July.

You can register your interest now by emailing your name and ‘RWTP Register of Interest’ in the subject line to enquiries@sdf.org.uk or by calling us on 0141 221 1175. We will get in touch with an application form or, you can download an Application Pack here.

If you would like to discuss this opportunity informally you can email either Lynne Macdonald or Colin Pomeroy.