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Become a Trainee

We are currently running the Addiction Worker Training Project (AWTP) in in Glasgow and The Borders. We are currently running the Recovery Worker Training Project (RWTP) in the Highlands.

Scottish Drugs Forum currently recruits trainees once per year only and this will be publicised when appropriate.  The number of places available each year and where projects are running varies depending on the availability of funding.

In the programme, trainees learn about the addiction field and how to support people who are currently experiencing issues with their substance use. They then take this knowledge and put this into practice during a placement within Social Care services. At SDF, we believe that someone’s experiences of drug or alcohol problems is a strength not a weakness, as it can help them understand some of the issues that someone else who is accessing services may face.

Competition for places is high and many more applications are received each year than there are places.

Trainees must be at least two years free from illicit drug use, substitute prescribing and/or problematic alcohol use to apply to join the course.

Scottish Drugs Forum recommends that people thinking about applying to become a trainee – or are thinking of re-applying for the project – should look at beginning or continuing voluntary work in a social care setting prior to application.

This will help them gain valuable experience and help demonstrate they are ready and able to cope with the pressures of classroom-based study and working in a social care environment.

If you want more information on becoming an AWTP/RWTP trainee contact


Current AWTP/RWTP Opportunities

Vacancies for AWTP and RWTP will be advertised on the SDF jobs section on the website, please check here for current vacancies. 

Become a Placement Provider

Placement providers are vital to the ongoing success of AWTP/RWTP.

If you are interested in providing a placement opportunity for a Trainee, please contact Lynne Macdonald –, Lisa Bradley –, or Lewis Boddy –, our AWTP Coordinators, for more information.


Setting up a Training Project in your area

Please contact Colin Pomeroy, Senior Development Officer, Scottish Drugs Forum