Take-Home Naloxone Training

‘Training for Trainers’

This training is generally delivered by SDF over two days to staff working in drug services that will be providing brief interventions or group sessions to people likely to witness an overdose.

It is a comprehensive training (provided free of charge) covering drug-related deaths, overdose prevention, older drug users, overdose intervention and naloxone.

Most local areas across Scotland have also developed their own ‘Training for Trainers’ (T4T) programmes, with support from SDF.


Bespoke Awareness Sessions

These sessions are delivered by SDF on request depending on need. Generally, they will be for services that may come into contact with people at risk of overdose and the course will, therefore, focus mainly on identifying an overdose, basic life support and administering naloxone.

Anyone who has completed T4T in a local area can also provide awareness sessions.


Training provided to people likely to witness an overdose

Once staff/peers have completed T4T, they are in a position to provide training to people who may witness an overdose. People most likely to witness an overdose are people who use drugs.

These sessions are best delivered as a brief intervention, generally taking around 10-15 minutes on an opportunistic basis.

People providing this training range from nurses working in treatment services, pharmacists, harm reduction teams, third sector workers and peer trainers.


Provision of take-home naloxone following training

Ideally once a person likely to witness an overdose has completed training, the supply of Take-Home Naloxone (THN) will be provided immediately. This ensures the person has received their kit since they are not being signposted to another venue that they may not attend.

If this is not possible, people can attend some pharmacies to receive their kit or should be given instruction on other local services that provide THN on-site.


‘Training for Trainers’ – Peer Education Programme

Incorporating the regular staff T4T, this course is expanded to cover four full days and also includes drug awareness, theory and practical work. The course is designed to increase the confidence of peers and fully equip and support them with delivering brief interventions and groups.


For more information on any of the courses provided please visit the training section or view the SDF Training Brochure.