Lisa Maclean

Lisa Maclean

Senior Communications -Design

Lisa is an accomplished Designer who supports all SDF Comms activity with a wealth of experience in Branding, Marketing and Social Media. Before joining SDF she carried out Design, Marketing and Comms activity for an eclectic mix of companies, achieving success both in-house and freelance. After designing for a selection of third sector organisations and a full-scale public health campaign for World Hepatitis Day in Ireland, she developed a passion for the public sector and joined the SDF Comms Team in 2020.

Lisa uses her passion for informative and communicative design to support SDF’s goals and ensure consistency of strategy, messaging and brand identity compliance with: conversion-focused Social Media strategy; online and offline editorial, branding and media content across all communication channels; the design and implementation of graphic content across all mediums, defining requirements, visualising and creating graphics; the creation, editing and distribution of video and photo content.

Lisa holds a Master Degree in Design, and was honoured to join SDF Director of Operations Kirsten Horsburgh at the Scottish Parliament to accept the 2022 Scottish Public Services Award for Communications, received for their work on the ‘How to Save a Life’ campaign which promoted public understanding of overdose and how to recognise and intervene in an overdose situation.