Hepatitis Scotland

Hepatitis Scotland supports and leads voluntary sector groups and works jointly with statutory agencies and people affected by hepatitis.

They raise awareness of viral hepatitis through:

  • Informing people at risk about prevention, symptoms, testing and treatment

  • Informing frontline staff working with people at risk about prevention, symptoms, testing and treatment

Hepatitis Scotland’s work focuses on:

  • AWARENESS RAISING: training aimed at peer groups, future care givers and frontline staff not directly working in drug services but working with people who may be at risk of hepatis, e.g., housing, social work.

  • NETWORKING: fostering links with a range of services including those working in drugs and sexual health and with vulnerable young people.

  • RESOURCES : Hepatitis Scotland provides a range of resources, including printable campaign materials and merchandise, information literature that can be translated into different languages as requested,

  • patient involvement and representation – exploring the views of those affected by viral  hepatitis

  • information-sharing with professionals and people affected by viral hepatitis

To eliminate hepatitis C Scotland needs to:

  • Reduce the spread of viral hepatitis

  • Ensure that people at risk of hepatitis infection are tested

  • Ensure that people with hepatitis are supported and treated

  • Improve the range and quality of prevention, treatment and care services

For more information on viral hepatitis and the work of Hepatitis Scotland, see www.hepatitisscotland.org.uk