Media Enquiries and Information Service


Media Enquiries
Scottish Drug Forum offers a daytime and out-of-hours service to journalists for comment and briefing on topical issues within the drugs field.

Contact:  Austin Smith
Email:  Austin@sdf.org.uk
Telephone:  0141 221 1175
Mobile: 07770520947


SDF Information Service
SDF can help you access a wide variety of information and resources on drugs and drug-related issues.

Our Information Service provides signposting help for:

  • people affected by personal or family drug issues
  • drug-related professionals looking for information resources
  • drugs and the workplace issues
  • academics/students /schools
  • drug testing issues

We also maintain a paper library containing periodicals, magazine and other resources.

Call:  0141 221 1175
Email: enquiries@sdf.org.uk