Mariebeth Kilbride

Mariebeth Kilbride

Senior Officer (Drug Death Prevention)

Mariebeth works with the strategy coordinator for drug death prevention, she is an adult nurse and comes from a background of drug and alcohol work in Glasgow acute hospitals, A&E and the drug court. She has a special interest in homelessness and is a member of the Faculty for Homeless and Inclusion Health.

Her work involves liaising with Alcohol and Drug Partnerships regarding the implementation and ongoing development work related to SDF and Scottish Government’s jointly published strategy to prevent drug-related deaths: Staying Alive in Scotland.

Mariebeth also works with the coordinator of Scotland’s National Naloxone Programme and delivers training in a variety of settings. The team is currently developing a national nurses’ network to support harm reduction and substance use nurses in reducing drug related death. She is the chair of the Scottish Naloxone Network.