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Develop innovative solutions and interventions to reduce drug harm.

advocate for health-based and evidence-led drug POLICY.

Deliver harm reduction TRAINING and advice to keep our communities safe.

Create opportunities for people with lived and living experience to influence policy and practice and contribute to the improvement of services

our values

For almost 40 years, our values have been evidenced through our work as a membership-based charity

Meaningful involvement of people with experience of drug use
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Evidence from research, good practice and the real-life experiences of people affected by drug use informs our work and provides the basis for the change we advocate for and to which we contribute. We work to ensure that the experiences and perspectives of people experiencing drug-related harms are the focus of the policy and practice developments that affects them
Policies and practice that reduce risks and harms
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We recognise that the majority of people who use drugs do so without experiencing significant harms. However, evidence suggests there will always be greater risks and harms where people who use drugs are criminalised. We advocate strongly for evidence-informed, harm reduction approaches
Rights and equality
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We take a rights-based, equalities-focussed approach so that our work empowers people who are often marginalised, criminalised and discriminated against. We promote non-judgemental, trauma-informed support within a stigma-challenging environmentWe advocate strongly for evidence-informed, harm reduction approaches
A person-centred approach
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People are at the heart of everything we do and everything we advocate for. We value connection and collaboration through open and respectful discussion. We are passionate about decision making which is evidence-informed.
Dignity, respect and empowerment
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Our work centres around people who experience drug-related harms, and we are firm in our approach that people are valued, treated with dignity and respect and empowered to identify and achieve their own goals.


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