Lived and Living Experience

Much of Scottish Drugs Forum’s work is based on the living and lived experience of people who use or have used substances.

Living Experience Engagement

We support people with living experience to form local engagement groups which are a safe space to discuss the issues affecting them, to identify their needs and opinions and advocate for themselves and others to improve services and policy. 

These local groups also collaborate on a national level to influence change.

Peer research

Our peer research work involves people with lived and living experience gathering the views and experiences of people who use substances, those accessing treatment or using other services.  Our research and evaluation work helps inform service responses and improves the quality of services for people who use services and develops more effective policy by providing real life experiential evidence and recommendations. 

SDF National Traineeship

SDF’s National Traineeship offers people with lived and living experience support to complete an accredited qualification and undertake work experience placements in social care. This project has existed for 20 years and has assisted hundreds of people into employment.

Peer naloxone

SDF supports local groups of peers in prison and community settings to become trainers in emergency responses to overdose and the distribution of naloxone.

These groups also collaborate on a national level, helping to inform drug death prevention work from those with lived and living experience.


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