Peer naloxone champions celebrate the supply of the 3000th naloxone kit by innovative programme

The 8th National Peer Naloxone Network meeting has taken place at SDF’s office in Glasgow. This was an opportunity to celebrate and reflect on the peers’ supply of the 3000th naloxone kit, a key milestone in the project and to network and plan future work. The group also attended a training workshop on reducing the harms of polydrug use prior to the meeting. 

Facilitating the meeting Wez Steele, Training and Development Officer, was keen that peers received both the recognition and support their work deserves.  He has been moved by his close work with peers. “I have yet to work alongside a more passionate and motivated group dedicated to reducing drug deaths within their own communities. Peers are partners, and it’s a privilege to walk alongside them.” 

Julie Heslin McCartney, Director of Operations, attended the meeting and was keen to celebrate the achievement and learn peer perspectives on the programme. “SDF takes immense pride in the outstanding achievements of the peers involved in this work. Through their dedication, this initiative has flourished.  It is already having a lasting impact in Scotland’s communities and prison estate. 

“The success of the programme is testament to the unique strength and abilities of peers to establish vital connections across their local regions, ensuring that naloxone reaches those who need it the most.  

“Beyond the programme’s primary objective of ensuring vulnerable people have access to naloxone, we are delighted to celebrate its broader accomplishments. The programme has led to the creation of peer-specific roles in services where they were previously non-existent. Many peers involved in the programme have transitioned into substantive roles within community services, showcasing their profound positive influence.Also, the initiative has in-reach to Scottish prisons, effectively addressing the urgent need for harm reduction with a particularly vulnerable group. 

“Of course, as we reflect on the successes of the programme, we express our gratitude to all the individuals, organisations, and partners who have contributed to its success.”  

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