SDF’s Workforce Development Programme in Glasgow heads into its third year


31 May 2023

In the last 12 months, over one thousand workers in Glasgow have joined an SDF Workforce Development training programme. The programme of courses began in 2021 and is funded by NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde and Glasgow City Health & Social Care Partnership on behalf of Glasgow City Alcohol and Drug Partnership.

The aim of SDF’s Workforce Development Programme is to support frontline workers’ learning, offering a learner-centred approach, as well as supporting the wider knowledge base within communities.

The programme will continue into 2024 with both in-person and online courses now being offered. Courses available for those who work in Greater Glasgow and Clyde include

  • Drug Awareness
  • Alcohol Awareness
  • Multiple Risk
  • Stigma
  • Trauma
  • Drugs and Mental Health,
  • CRAFFT (Screening and Brief Interventions for Young People’s Substance Use)
  • Drug Specific and Polysubstance use courses.

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Courses have attracted workers from a wide range of organisations from targeted sectors such as housing, support services, young people’s services, health and criminal justice to a wider range of services including psychiatry, sexual health, social work, education, podiatry, and nutrition.

As the programme enters its third year and continues to grow, the focus remains ensuring the workforce are informed and feel confident in delivering their services to people including people who use of alcohol or other drugs.

Laura Kemp, Health Improvement Lead, North East Health Improvement Team, Glasgow City Health & Social Care Partnership said, “The SDF training and workforce development contract meets the needs of a spectrum of staff working in a variety of settings across Glasgow City HSCP whilst contributing to Glasgow City ADP’s prevention and education agenda.

“The training courses provide staff with increased alcohol and drug knowledge, increased confidence to signpost people they work with to relevant services, and increased awareness of sources of information.

“SDF are a professional organisation who deliver high quality training. SDF have always worked with a flexible & adaptable approach; this was extremely important when continuing to deliver training to staff during the pandemic. 

“Staff from a variety of backgrounds across Glasgow now have increased alcohol and drug knowledge and are able to provide support and signposting information to people they work with.”

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