Introduction to Cannabis and Synthetic Cannabinoids

An introduction to current trends with cannabis and synthetic varieties.

This course will allow health workers. youth workers. drug workers and other professionals to effectively respond to. treat and engage with people using either cannabis and/or synthetic cannabinoids.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the session participants will be able to:

  • identify different strains and forms of cannabis including synthetic cannabinoids
  • understand the main effects and side effects of cannabis/synthetic cannabinoids
  • describe the role of cannabis in poly-drug use
  • identify the typical presenting issues for problematic cannabis/synthetic cannabinoid use
  • describe the relationship between cannabis and mental health issues
  • identify treatment options for dependent cannabis/synthetic cannabinoid users
  • recognise effective techniques for working with cannabis/synthetic cannabinoid users including harm reduction.

Aimed At

People working with cannabis users including drug workers, youth workers, housing workers, social workers, GPs, nurses, teachers and mental health workers.




One day