Practitioner’s Guide to Injecting Equipment Provision

An in-depth look at injecting equipment and its provision, aiming to deconstruct misconceptions and enhance confidence in the subject matter.

This training covers the injecting process from the from its physiology to its social perception. It looks at the different models of Injection Equipment Provision (IEP) and why injecting equipment is provided.

It also explores who uses injecting equipment. and why people may inject substances. It will also look at the fears surrounding injecting equipment provision. from a community perspective. as well as those staff and service users may have.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the session participants will be able to:

  • recall the differing types of IEP and their strengths and weakness
  • discuss the arguments for and against a range of harm reduction interventions
  • identify social and physiological risks relating to drug use
  • demonstrate how to prepare a range of substances for injection
  • describe what makes a good IEP service and IEP worker.

Aimed At

Staff who provide injecting equipment and other staff who have an interest in injecting equipment provision in Scotland.


Free within Scotland and bespoke costs for elsewhere.


Two days