Foundations of Motivational Interviewing explored in new SDF e-learning course

Scottish Drugs Forum is pleased to announce the launch of a new e-learning resource aimed at assisting professionals who are required to discuss with people about making changes to their lifestyle or behaviours.

The course explores the method of motivational interviewing (MI) – a way of having a conversation about change which listens to and calls forth the person’s own motivation for change when they present as ambivalent or reluctant.

The free ‘Motivational Interviewing in Brief Conversations’ course gives participants the opportunity to explore how the motivational interview process influences motivation for change and provides examples of the approach in brief conversations.

Richard Bloodworth, Workforce Development Programme Manager, said:

“Motivational interviewing is an evidence-based technique that is a very helpful tool in assisting people to think about making changes. It also really helps workers to think about the change process and how best to assist it.”

Incorporating the latest methods from the new 3rd edition of MI by W.R. Miller and S. Rollnick, the course aims to highlight how this guiding style can be used to help people find and build their own motivation for change.

By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Define motivational interviewing
  • Describe the nature of ambivalence about change
  • Describe how the motivational interviewing process influences motivation for change
  • Identify the use of motivational interviewing in brief conversations

The concise course can be completed in two hours, or alternatively be completed in separate sittings to provide a fully flexible learning experience.

The online resource is free to access for people in Scotland and can be accessed via the Scottish Drugs Forum training website at

This informative e-learning course lays the foundations for further MI skills development; however, participants should note that skilfulness requires ongoing practise in their own practice settings and further skills development through ongoing training, coaching and feedback.

Alongside this e-learning course, SDF provides further advanced face-to-face courses on MI that can be arranged through local Alcohol and Drug Partnerships, or directly through contacting

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