Participants in Glasgow and Fife sought for research on prescription opioid overdose

Participants are being sought to take part in focus groups that will assist researchers to understand precription opioid overdose.

Scotland has one of the highest rates in Europe of people dying from opioid overdoses. This includes people who are prescribed opioids for chronic non-cancer pain, and includes accidental and non-fatal overdose as well as intentional and fatal overdose.

Researchers from the University of Stirling and NHS Fife are conducting a study to better understand what can be done to reduce drug-related overdose and death among this group of people.

They are seeking to involve two groups of people in focus groups to inform this research:

  1. People who have previously been prescribed strong opioids for chronic (long-term) pain that is not caused by cancer. (Glasgow-based focus group)
  2. Family members of people who have been prescribed strong opioids for chronic, non-cancer pain. (Fife-based focus group)

Participants will receive a sandwich lunch, refreshments and a £20 shopping voucher in recognition of their time and contributions.

For more information, and to get involved, please read the relevant introductory info below and get in touch using the contact details in the following documents. Please share this information with any individuals or family members who may be interested in participating.

Info for people previously prescribed strong opioids:  Opioid overdose prevention info – people previously prescribed

Info for family members:  Opioid overdose prevention info – people previously prescribed

This study has received ethical approval from the University of Stirling.  See attached information sheets for more info.