People who use cannabis wanted for ‘The Big UK Cannabis Survey 2019’

People who use cannabis are required for an online survey looking at cannabis use and culture in the UK.

The Global Drug Survey (GDS), the world’s largest online survey on recreational drug use, has launched ‘The Big UK Cannabis Survey’ to try and understand the issues affecting people who use the substance.

According to GDS, the world of cannabis is changing with ever-increasing discussions arising around legalisation, medicalisation, social clubs, edibles and vaping.

The survey states:

“The majority of what we read and see in the media is being driven by those with commercial interests and we worry that the people at the heart of the issue – people who use cannabis, for whatever reason, are not having their voice heard. So Global Drug Survey has teamed up with the UK Cannabis Social Club network to find out what is going on free from any oversight or funding from groups with commercial interests in the field.”

The survey includes four sections – the first asks about how participants are using cannabis, the second asks about CBD use and function, the third on social club involvement and finally enquires about medical use.

For most people this survey will take 10-20 minutes.

It’s anonymous, confidential and GDS will not collect IP addresses. The study has received ethics approval from University College London Research Ethics Committee.

An information sheet is available to view before beginning the survey.

Click here to take part.

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