Scottish Government outline £50m investment



The Scottish Government have given initial outlines of the allocation of the announced £50 million investment:

– £13.5 million will be awarded directly to ADPs of which £5m should be used to support residential rehab and £3.5 million for whole family approaches


There will be four new funds to which bids can be made by relevant groups and bodies

– A £5 million Local Support Fund (previously referred to as a Communities Fund) to increase capacity in community and third sector organisations

– A £5 million Improvement Fund to improve outreach services, treatment, rehabilitation and aftercare, with dedicated support for women

– A £5 million Recovery Fund for additional residential rehabilitation capacity

– A £3 million Families and Children Fund to support children, young people and families affected by drug use


The other allocations are:

– £4 million to support the implementation of MAT standards

– £4 million to support expansion of Buvidal

– £3 million to support establishment and expansion of near-fatal overdose pathways

– £3 million to support improvement and expansion of assertive outreach

– £1.5 million for public health surveillance, evaluation, monitoring and research

– £1 million to establish a Lived and Living Experience forum and maintain existing panels

– £1 million to support third-sector initiatives

– £0.8 million for a campaign to tackle the stigma around drug use

– £0.4 million to support expansion of Heroin-Assisted Treatment

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