SDF submits evidence to Westminster Scottish Affairs Committee inquiry on problem drug use in Scotland

Having consulted with members via an online survey, Scottish Drugs Forum has responded to an inquiry on problem drug use in Scotland.

The Scottish Affairs Committee inquiry on ‘The Use and Misuse of Drugs In Scotland’, launched in March 2019, aims to investigate the potential drivers of drug use in the country, reasons behind why there is a higher drug-related death toll in Scotland than the rest of the UK and whether the Scottish Parliament has the appropriate legislative powers to tackle the issue.

SDF is a membership-based organisation delivering information, advice and support to the drugs field in Scotland in terms of both practice and policy development. The organisation’s response is based on the results of a consultation with members regarding the issues raised by the Commons’ Scottish Affairs Select Committee.

Click here to view SDF’s written submission to the inquiry

The Scottish Affairs Committee began hearing oral evidence from witnesses on the 7th of May, where they heard from a panel of academics from universities in Glasgow and Stirling.

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