SDF undertakes new work with Fife ADP on services for women

8th September 2021

As part of SDF’s commissioned work with Fife ADP, SDF has been asked to conduct an evaluation of women’s experiences of accessing and completing treatment in alcohol and drug services.

The project will:

  • identify both treatment barriers  and facilitators for women accessing and completing treatment in alcohol and drug services.
  • gather the views of women who currently, or could, benefit from Fife ADP funded services

The work will support Fife in its role of designing and commissioning services and ensure that the needs of women with substance use problems in Fife are met and they are supported to make their recovery.

The fieldwork for the evaluation will include 45-60 qualitative semi-structure interviews and explore women’s experience of service provision in Fife.  Alongside this, SDF will facilitate focus groups with 20 staff working in substance use services, domestic abuse support services, the Women’s Justice Team and other services accessed by women in Fife

Alex Murray, Development Officer at SDF will co-ordinate the fieldwork.

Alex says “This is a great piece of work to be involved in. These are crucial services for women who can be in particularly challenging situations and need to be effectively engaged and supported by services.  Peers have helped inform the development of the questionnaire and bring their own passion, insights and experiences to this whole process. In terms of the fieldwork, women, as peers, can build quick rapport with the women they are interviewing.  We are very much looking forward to delivering this project.  It will ensure that women in Fife get the support they need and the help they want.”