Updated resource for staff who work with people at risk of HIV in Scotland

An important resource for people who work with people who are at risk of HIV in Scotland has been updated in response to the current HIV outbreak in Glasgow among people who use drugs.

The ‘HIV – What Workers Need to Know’ booklet has been produced by Scottish Drugs Forum and aims to assist frontline staff to better understand HIV and support people affected.

Since 2015, there have been over 130 new diagnoses of HIV within the outbreak area.

The resource contains helpful information such as what HIV is, how it is transmitted, signs and symptoms, key messages for staff as well as guidance on testing and treatment.

Click here to download a digital version of the booklet

SDF would like to thank NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde for their assistance in producing the resource and everyone who contributed during the feedback process.

For more information about the resource please contact SDF’s National Training and Development Officer (Harm Reduction, Sexual Health and Blood-Borne Viruses), Lesley Bon at lesleyb@sdf.org.uk