World Hepatitis Day 2019 – New treatments mean everyone can #BeHepCFree

For World Hepatitis Day 2019 – held on the 28th July – Hepatitis Scotland and six other NHS Boards are working together to highlight the new advancements in treatment for hepatitis C and are encouraging people who think they may have been at risk to have a test.

Hepatitis C treatment has been transformed by a wave of new, extremely effective, tablet-only medicines with minimal side effects.

Until the last few years, many people’s experience of hepatitis C treatment included weekly injections over a year with side effects that mimic the symptoms of the flu. After all this, there was a still less than a 50% chance of being cured in the end.

According to Hepatitis Scotland, many people with the illness didn’t complete – or even start – treatment as a result of the discomfort and potential failure rate. Some of those who had been at risk of the infection may have not even been tested as they may not have wanted to face the problematic treatment.

This has all changed now with the new treatments on offer to anyone with hepatitis C in Scotland.

The new treatments are a fantastic opportunity to improve the treatment experience and prospects of thousands within Scotland’s communities.

This year’s #BeHepCFree campaign aims to re-engage in care those who were lost to specialist treatment and encourage others who may have been at risk to come forward for testing.

Six facts about the new treatment include

  • 90% cure rate
  • 2-4 months duration
  • No injections, just tablets
  • Easy and painless liver tests
  • Minimal side effects
  • Treatment is open to all

Services can display these posters (poster one / poster two) and share campaign materials online to highlight the advancements in treatment and encourage people who think they have been at risk, to have a test!

For more information on hepatitis C and to find out where you can arrange to have a hepatitis C test, visit

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